Monthly Archives: June 2018

Week 8 Update

2018-07-02T20:01:08-08:00June 13th, 2018|News|

Week 8 Update Just Rusty remains with us and is pending pickup.  It's a pleasure to have Rusty around. During this short extra time, Rusty will be receiving plenty of important training and more socialization with adults, children, and other dogs. Prince has found a new home to a family in Las Vegas. All

The Last Prince

2018-06-03T21:07:05-08:00June 3rd, 2018|News|

Thankfully, Momma Bell has, hands down (paws down?),  done most of the heavy lifting for us, but being part of the puppy raising experience is such a special time for everyone involved.  We have spent many hours laughing and curiously scratching our heads while every puppy has developed its own quirky personality. With all

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