All Pups Have Been Sold At Our Kennel In Reno, NV. 

We are very proud to announce that our Bell and Gus have once again whelped 9 beautiful puppies on October 8th, 2019!

Bell gifted the world with  6 Boys  and  3 Girls !

Gus was endowed with a rare and highly sought after Fox Red Coat. Genetically, the Fox Red Labrador is technically a Yellow Labrador and will walk the same arena grounds in a dog show as other Yellow Labradors. Gus has passed his rare legacy on to a handful of pups before, but this is Bell and Gus’ most red and beautiful litter to date.

We’ve been privileged enough to see many Purebred Labrador Retriever mothers through the birthing and rearing process, but Bell has always been different. We wish everyone can see how proud she is of her pups and how she wants people to be around them. It’s a strange thing when a dog shows his or her teeth at you, but Bell is actually grinning at every new face as if to say, “Hey, c’mon, take a look at what I made. I did a great job, Didn’t I? Please tell me a did a good job!” 

Simply put, we have never had better dogs than Gus and Bell. They aim to please everyone and we’re convinced that the vast majority of this people pleasing behavior is genetic.  Our dogs want to outwork you in the field while hunting… They want to impress you by tirelessly obeying commands.  We’re not sure if our line of dogs have amnesia, but you could walk in your front door every 120 seconds for hours on end and they will act as if they haven’t seen you for a week!


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One thing to note:

We are trying to sort out with Google and our clients the way we do business with whelping Purebred Labrador Retrievers so we can eliminate some confusion.  In the warm months, we operate a business in Ontario, Canada that keeps us extremely busy.  After we wrap up that operation each year, we usually are in the American Great Plains region for a certain amount of time for hunting etc.  If one of our bitches is expecting, we have a few home bases to see that entire process through properly, but Gus and some of our other dogs will likely part ways for a bit to pursue the Upland Hunt with Mike.

Ideally, we would like to list one location as a home base, but we’re always on the move… and so are our dogs!  Land, sea, and a lot of airtime – they do it all. We wouldn’t have it any other way, but our female dogs typically whelp in North Reno, Nevada.

By now, we are quite familiar with AKC and laws for pup sales in a handful of states and will always make sure to remain compliant with all sales standards.  We are gun dog enthusiasts, not careless breeders. We plan out and see zero to two litters through each year. If we can’t do things correctly or meet people that want to respect the pedigree of our Labrador Retrievers, we simply do not want to continue our pursuits. That being said, we’ve gained an impressive amount of interest over the years.  For us, going low and slow really has been the best way to approach extending this bloodline.

We just started accepting deposits and expect the litter to sell very quickly.

Males – $1,600

Females – $1,900

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