2020 has been a crazy year, but our happy dogs at Bell’s Labradors can’t tell!

More info about our Fall 2020 litters will be posted soon.

Like most people, our lives have been shaken up due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Some of our activities and connections essential to the operations of Bell’s Labradors rely on us being able to work with Canadians and cross the border into Canada.

We’re happy to say that we still have been able to plan out litters for the Fall and Winter seasons of 2020 & 2021.

Some puppies have already been spoken for, but we will soon be posting our plans going into the Fall 2020 season.

Bell’s moved to Sparks, Nevada

Our previous location in North Reno, Nevada was an excellent location with plenty space to whelp and rear pups, but our new location at Sparks, Nevada is even better.

At our new location, our dogs have even more space.

Our 2019 Outro Message

The message below is from our previous “News” update.  It is shared here again so the customer can understand more about our business at Bell’s Labradors.

Work has us spending the warm season in Ontario, Canada.  Most seasons, we coordinate one or two litters to whelp during the colder months in the USA, but some seasons, we plan no litters.

We are always impressed and encouraged by how well we do with our litters, especially this Fall 2019 litter considering how we didn’t even announce the litter until a few weeks late. .  We know we have a prominent pedigree, and naturally, great pups, but we also get to meet individuals and families that we know will be outstanding dog owners.

Dogs, in general, substantially improve people’s wellbeing and even their longevity.  We have always had a screening process and parameters for a “No Sale” in place, but  as it turns out, everyone that we encounter knows almost exactly what they want, and for the few individuals or couples that do not qualify, we make sure to give them guidance as to how they can, sooner than later, be handed one of our prized labradors and give them a forever home.

Thank You everyone for making this a swift and pleasant season to find furever homes for our dogs and your dogs.

For those of you who are still interested, it’s worth checking back over the next few weeks.  Over a handful of years, we’ve had just a few people not follow through with deposits and no-shows.  One of these pups could still find a place within your family!

Due to heavier than normal traveling and activities during the North American cold season, we were a bit late to announce the new litter of Bell and Gus.  We are very pleased to know that people show high interest in our pups year after year and that our pups are still highly sought after!

At the moment, we have only   0 Boys  and  0 Girls   remaining of the wonderful litter of 9 puppies.

As always, our pups have been given the greenlight by our family veterinarian.  Our vet always praises the responsible work that we do and how healthy our puppies are.  All pups are microchipped and current on their shots.

Remaining Pups

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Grace [SOLD]

Grace is such a sweet girl! She has a white face, but is dark yellow and has a streak of white on her head.  She will likely weigh 40 pounds to 55 pounds at healthy adult age.

Max [SOLD]

Max Labrador

Max is an adorable male that is solid yellow in color. He’ll be just a hair smaller than the other males and likely reach a healthy adult weight of 40 pounds to 60 pounds.

Cleo [SOLD]

Cleo is a female Yellow Lab. We’ve become so fond of her.  She is a very light and soft spoken girl that is pointing and trailing already. So smart!  Cleo will likely weigh 40-55 pounds.

Cleo at 7 weeks. 

Cleo at 3 weeks. 

Thunder [SOLD]

Thunder is one of our last rare red Fox Red males.  He is mellow and loves to be cuddled.  He has a remarkable patch of white fur on his chest! He has three white paws and will likely top out at 50 pounds to 65 pounds.

Thunder at 7 weeks. 


Thunder at 3 weeks. 

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Bonus Gallery!

The gallery below has extra pictures that we’ve snapped through various stages of the whelping and socialization process. Such fun times!