May 14th Updates

-Bell and Gus’ pups are growing so fast and are become very attentive to us humans, practically begging for attention!

-We have renamed Red Nose to Rusty as he has become a bit more brown over the weeks and deserved a most distinguished name, although he still has that prominent red nose.

-All puppy biographies have been updated with weights, personality notes, and a few more pictures. Please check them out here.

-We’re happy to announce that our last female, Rose, has been selected for an outstanding new home. This means that only 5 males remain from the litter. 

-The litter recently had their first bath. They took to the water immediately and used the bathing area as another arena to play around in.  We have seen nothing but extremely proficient swimmers from our purebred Labrador bloodline.  See the gallery below for their first baths!

First Bath Gallery

The pups are cuddling after a playful bath.

One Month Gallery

These pictures are taken very close to the 1 month date (give or take a few days).
Please click HERE to for more detailed info about individual puppies.