Pictured above is Scout (Jan 18 2019)

On November 16th, 2018, our Clara birthed 3 beautiful boys and 3 handsome boys.

Because it had been awhile since our team had puppies available, all pups were immediately spoken for.

Rearing these needy puppies during the holidays proved to be a hectic, but enjoyable time, making for one of our family’s most memorable Christmas experiences!

Responsibly raising puppies is a bittersweet experience. In the 8 to 10 weeks before pickup, our team encounters many personalities… naughty, reserved, goofy, curious, intrepid, audacious, timid…. the list goes on and on, but the Purebred Labrador Retriever will always have LOVE as an unalienable trait.

However bittersweet pickup day is, we know that we have done the best thing by following responsible breeder practices.  We’re thankful that families continue to hold our feet to the fire as our primary goal is to also find forever homes for these puppies.  At Bell’s Labradors we also, to the best of our abilities, make sure that our puppies go to stable and loving homes.  Some people may not be ready for a four legged life partner in their home yet, but we work closely with candidates to help them prepare for this life changing moment.

Below is a gallery of Clara’s first litter.