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We are proud and privileged to help rear Labrador Retrievers that strictly follow the set standards of this wonderful breed… and our customers are too!

We are truly grateful that people search high and low for breeders that maintain the high integrity of the purebred Labrador Retriever – dogs that instinctively want to work hard for you and please you. A person or family couldn’t ask for a better life companion.

We’ve been doing this for a handful of  years, but have just recently started to document the miracle of every litter.
Listed below are our previous litters. We hope you take the time to click through some pups and get to know them as we have gotten to know them. 

April 2018 Litter To Gus and Bell

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Rose [SOLD]


Kong [SOLD]

Yeller [SOLD]

Patch [SOLD]

Male Pup 3

Rusty [SOLD]

Curious Rusty




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